Megan Middleton

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Age: 26 
Setup: Burton Lipstick, Déjà vu, and Anti-Social Split, Anon Optics

Q&A with Megan Middleton:

What do you like the most about the PNW?  
The diversity of ocean to mountain culture and community - I’ve traveled a fair amount and still think the PNW is one of the most primo spots.

What do you feel is the culture of female snowboarding in the Northwest right now?  
The female culture is unique in the NW.  More and more ladies are popping up here and killing it.  There is less competition and scene in the NW which provides for an awesome atmosphere for ladies to progress and just love the sport for what it is.  

Who do you ride with and who pushes/influences your riding?  
All of my friends influence my riding in some way or another.  As much as I love riding with others, it is not uncommon for me to ride solo.  I progress more when no eyes are on me.  I have always looked up to Marie France-Roy.

What is your favorite zone at Stevens? 
Any side country zone.

What goals have you set for yourself in snowboarding and what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment thus far? ?
Main goal: have fun and progress.  My biggest accomplishment has been landing the support of five solid sponsors, an invitation to film with a new crew, and accepting a promotion in a professional career outside of snowboarding all in one year while maintaining sanity.  Try it.

Plans for this year?  
Splitboarding, filming, traveling, competing in the Northface Masters event, and traveling to Japan to film with SRP.

Favorite beer? 
In the winter, 21st Amendment Fireside Chat.  So good.