Bart Patitucci

Hometown:  Othello, WA
Sponsors:  Nitro, Raiden, Ashbury, L1, Epoch apparel, Stevens Pass, Revolution Snow and Skate

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Q&A with Bart Patitucci:

Where you born & raised in the Northwest?
Yup, out in Eastern Washington I learned how to snowboard in my yard, now I go to school in Bellingham.

How would you explain the culture of snowboarding in the Northwest right now?
People love to shred pow! but it seems like kids stick to the park.  The people I shred with like finding mini hits all over the mountain.  I like it all.

Who do you normally ride with and who pushes/influences your riding?
The Mons, Clayton, Elena, Kenny, Matty P, Trevor, Garvie, team Everett, Wainhouse, whoever wants to carpool.  I think that everyone that I ride with influences how I see different obstacles.  Matty P keeps me on my toes, Austin and Austen too.

 What is your favorite zone at Stevens?
I can't say, its too top secret.  Off every chair I have a run I like, Stevens is that good.  Tye Mill=favorite chair.

Was the Stevens Pass movie Meet Me in the Mountainsyour first video part? Was that a fun project? Seemed like a bunch of friends just snowboarding which was rad.
Yes, unless you want to count the cameo in Thats Nice.  Filming for MMITM was so fun, it was real laid back, no pressure atmosphere.  Steven Kilzer (filmer) is a funny guy and has his stuff on point, so the movie came out really well.

You had a solid part in Wild Card’s The Saturday Night Ride this past year. Are you filming with those guys a lot now?Hopefully more this year, a lot of my shots are from my camera, just filming with a couple friends.

As a younger guy in the game, what are your thoughts on filming for video parts vs freeriding?
Filming in general is fun cause you can make little edits of you and your friends.  As for a movie it's sweet to be part of a larger project and see all of the hard work come together at the end of the season.  As for freeriding, there are no worries about 'the shot' so you can just let loose and have fun.  I think the two need to be balanced so snowboarding doesn't become too serious.