Intermediate Tips

So you've mastered the turn, now it's time to explore the mountain!

Great, now put those skills to the test! Stevens Pass provides a wide variety of groomed runs, back bowls, and gladed trees for you to explore on snow!

  • Explore the backside – 400 acres of great terrain await discovery
  • Take the mountain tour – try and ski all the lifts in a day
  • Gear getting you down? Get the feel of new equipment from our rental equipment center.

Lesson Suggestions:img_ski-board_tips-intermed-sm

The best way to experience your new sport is to learn from a professional coach. At Stevens we have several options to get you on the slopes in a fun and supportive environment.

  • Intermediate Groups - Ride all over the mountain, exploring new terrain with a coach, developing new skills in a variety of terrain and conditions.
  • Private Coaching - Ski and Ride with a coach, it's the best way to improve your skills.
  • Camps & Freestyle - From the Park & Pipe, to powder and bumps, Stevens Pass coaches will help you obtain peak personal performance.

Demo Equipment:

With the fundamentals mastered, it's time to find the ski or board that's right for you. Visit our rental equipment center in the Tye Creek Lodge to check out the latest technology in ski and snowboard gear. Our inventory of skis and boards covers a wide variety of options, from terrain parks to powder days, carving tools to backcountry boards. Remember to Try-Before-You-Buy, demos are a great way to find that perfect match before committing cash to a specific ski or board.

Give the Experts a Call:

  • Explain your riding style and what you're looking for in a new setup, the friendly and knowledgeable rental equipment center staff will set you up!
  • You can reserve demo equipment (demos not available online) ahead of time over the phone at 206-812-7351. Make sure you have picture I.D.
  • Buy your tickets at the rental equipment center to save time.

Holidays and weekends can be very busy for demos. In order to insure that you will spend more time on the hills try reserving your demo equipment ahead of time by calling the rental equipment center at 206-812-7351. By doing this you can drive up, pick up and head out.

Care & Repair of Your Equipment

It is important to take care of your equipment for optimal performance. Our knowledgeable technicians at the Stevens Pass Care & Repair Shop can keep your equipment in top notch condition as well as repair base damage that may occur through use.

Best Times to Visit:

If you have the flexibility, weekdays and/or nights are the best and most relaxing time to visit the mountain and practice your new skills.


Know the Safety Requirements and the "Your Responsibility Code".

As a developing skier or snowboarder, the temptation of untracked backcountry turns can be a powerful draw. This beautiful and pristine mountain environment deserves respect; please ensure that you are well versed in proper backcountry travel procedures before leaving the area.

More Helpful hints:

  • Be prepared to eat lunch at NON peak times, before 12 pm or after 1:30 pm. Take advantage of the empty slopes.
  • Visibility on foggy/snowy days is better near the edge of runs.
  • Properly tuned and waxed equipment will give you the most control and a better experience.
  • Arrive early for the freshest snow grooming and shortest walk from the parking lot.
  • Leave your equipment at Gear Check during your lunch break to prevent it from coming up missing.
  • Be prepared for changing weather.
  • Drive carefully. Directions